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ce it's cheape▓r than wheat and corn. And the government will carry out a programme, which will provide finan▓cial aid to potato farmers to help them to deal with the rising price of fertilizers and low potato pr▓ices.The Mexican government plans to give small cash subsidies to 26 million poor

Mexicans to compensate for risin▓g food prices.Brazil is one of the worl▓d's largest exporter of bio-fuels. Many ▓countries blame Brazil's sugar-cane based ethanol program for rising food price

Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

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s. Brazil's government has defended the program saying eth▓anol production only uses about 5 percent of the country's total cultivated area. And the country's economists say blame should be placed on high oil prices. NEW YORK - American children aren't the only couch potatoes with nearly one

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thir▓d of children globally spending three hour▓s a day or more watching TV or on computer

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Guthold of the World Health Organiza▓tion in Geneva and her colleagues found ▓most children

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, it can turn in▓to nitrosamine, a carcinogen. Soy milk and egg Soy milk c▓ontains nutrition including vegetable proteins, fats, car

bohydrates, vitamins and minerals. If drunk by itself, it is very nourishing. However, if taken together with eggs, it can reduc

e the activity of protease, which helps the body assimilate protein. Eggs are, of course, very rich in protein. Various countrie

s coping with the food crisisDuring the food su▓mmit, people in the world's most populated Arab country Egypt are complaining about

high ▓food prices. And Latin American countries are taking ▓various measures to cope with rising prices. Egypt ▓is dependent on im

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Guthold told Reuters Health. "Growin▓g up in a

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at▓ kids get more physical activity." The study, published in The Journal of Pediatrics, looking at 72,845▓ schoolchildren aged 13 to 15 from North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the

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Middle East. The children were surveyed

between 2003 and 2007. The researchers defined adequate physical activi▓ty as at least an hour of exercise outside of gym class at least five days a week. Children who spent thre▓e or mor

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e hours a day watching TV, playing compu▓

ter games, or chatting with friends -- aside from ▓time in school or time spent doing homework -- were classifi▓ed as sedentary. The researchers found only one quarter of the boys and 15 per

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cent of the girls were getting en▓ough ex

ercise by these definitions. A quarter of boys and ▓nearly 30 percent of girls were sed▓entary and didn't get enough exercise with girls le▓ss active than boys in every country aside from Z

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ambia. Uruguay had the highest per▓centage of a

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